Application form is below. After you have completed the form and submitted your payment ($30 application fee per applicant) please provide proof of income and copy of Government Issued photo I.D. (Drivers License, Passport, Visa.)  Applications cannot be processed until all supporting documents have been provided. 

Please send ID & proof of income by

Fax: 757-875-2394 ... Email: applications@fmco.biz, ... or ...

Deliver/mail to our office: 

11820 Fountain Way, Suite 202, Newport News, VA 23606.
(Our new address as of July 20, 2018!)

 Upon receipt of your application and all required documents, we will process your application and contact you with results within 24-48 hours. 

Application fees must be paid by Credit or Debit card and are non-refundable.  ((Although ACH is an option from the payment screen, we do not accept ACH payments for application fees. Any application that is submitted with an ACH payment will not be processed until proper payment is made.  Any payment that is returned NSF or Unable to process is subject to a $50 penalty fee.)) All qualifications and potential reasons for disqualification are listed on our website: www.fmco.biz/Qualifications.html.  Applicants are advised to review these qualifications prior to completing the application or submitting payment. 

PETS - If you have a pet that will be residing in the park, please review the following pet restrictions:

  • Applicant must provide vaccination records for any pets listed on application. 
    • All pets must be approved before entering the premises.
    • Management prohibits certain breeds of pets. Doberman, Rottweiler, Pitbull, Akita, Chow, Mastiff, Wolf or any sub/cross breeds of these are not allowed.  
    • Exotic pets such as snakes & wild animals will not be permitted on park premises.  
    • At no time does park allow livestock to be kept as pets.


***ACKNOWLDEDGEMENT: By submitting the following application, applicant certifies that the below information is correct and complete and hereby authorizes Franklin Management Company to make any inquires necessary to evaluate applicant's tenant, credit, employment and/or criminal history. If applicant rents the unit, they understand that the information contained on this form and the pursuant rental agreement will be maintained in a tenant database for up to six years after applicant vacates the premises. If any of the below information is found to be false or the applicant omitted or knowingly falsified any supporting documentation, Franklin Management reserves the right to immediately decline the application. ***

Fields marked with "*" are required in order to process the application.

Which community are you applying to?*
Which address inside the community?*
How many residents are moving in? (You must submit a seperate application for each person 18+)*
First Name*
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Last Name*
Date of Birth*
Social Security Number*
Phone Number*
Alternate Phone Number
Email Address
Current Address*
If this is a rental unit, please enter current landlord name & phone number:
How long did you reside here? (Include # months/years)
Previous Address*
If this is a rental unit, please enter previous landlord name & phone number:
How long did you reside here? (Include # months/years)
Work Phone Number*
How long have you been employed?*
Annual Income (We require proof. SEE QUALIFICATIONS ABOVE)*
Pet #1 Breed (Please see PET RESTRICTIONS above!)
Pet #2 Breed (Please see PET RESTRICTIONS above!)
Vehicle #1 Year, Make & Model (each lot only permits 2 vehicles)
Vehicle #1 License Plate Number
Vehicle #2 Year, Make & Model
Vehicle #3 Year, Make & Model (Pending approval)
Have you ever been late paying your rent over 30 days, or sued for non-payment? (Answer Yes or No)*
Have you ever broken a Rental or Lease agreement? (Answer Yes or No)*
Have you ever been evicted or asked to move out? (Answer Yes or No & Explain))*
Have you ever been sued for damages to a Rental property? (Answer Yes or No)*
Have you ever declared Bankruptcy? (Answer Yes or No)*
Have you ever been charged with or convicted of a criminal offense? (Answer Yes or No & Explain)*
Do you have any outstanding Rental or Utility judgments? (Answer Yes or No)*
Emergency Contact (Name & Phone Number of person NOT residing with you)*
How did you hear about us? (ex, Craigslist, Flyer, Current Resident, Drive By)
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