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  • No evictions or eviction filings 
  • 525 credit score
  • Must provide 2 months worth of LOCAL check stubs
  • Monthly income requirement (see earnings chart)
  • No section 8

Earnings Chart:

 $ 500  $ 2,300  $ 1,000  $ 3,200
 $ 550  $ 2,350  $ 1,050  $ 3,250
 $ 575  $ 2,375  $ 1,075  $ 3,275
 $ 600  $ 2,400  $ 1,100  $ 3,300
 $ 650  $ 2,450  $ 1,150  $ 3,550
 $ 675  $ 2,475  $ 1,175  $ 3,575
 $ 700  $ 2,500  $ 1,200  $ 3,600
 $ 750  $ 2,750  $ 1,250  $ 3,850
 $ 775  $ 2,775  $ 1,275  $ 3,875
 $ 800  $ 2,800  $ 1,300  $ 3,900
 $ 850  $ 2,850  $ 1,350  $ 4,150
 $ 875  $ 2,875  $ 1,375  $ 4,175
 $ 900  $ 2,900  $ 1,400  $ 4,200
 $ 950  $ 2,950  $ 1,450  $ 4,250
 $ 975  $ 3,175  $ 1,475  $ 4,275

Bankruptcy : If you are currently in bankruptcy then you will be required to pay 3 security deposits. Previous bankruptcy filings may result in a higher security deposit.

Felony : You must have been released from prison for 10 years in order to rent one of our homes for a felony conviction. If you were given probation, the date of conviction must be at least 10 years ago.

*Additonal restrictions may apply for individual houses.

*The security deposit is the same amount as one month's rent. To move in, you must pay first month's rent plus security deposit (no exceptions).

To read more in depth about qualifying to rent with Valor Homes, please refer to the "how to rent your dream house"

Renters Insurance : You are required to get renters insurance. Renters insurance covers damages to your personal belongings due to fires, break-ins, and water damage from leaks or sewage issues. Valor Homes insurance only covers the house structure. Valor Homes and Valor Homes insurance does not pay for the loss of your personal belongings or damages to your personal belongings.

Utilities : Please keep in mind that you are responsible for having utilities switched into your name within 5 calendar days of the lease start date. Under no circumstances are we able to leave the utilities on in our name.

Valor Homes reserves the right to decline any customer who has attempted to commit fraud with regards to their application and/or pay stubs. Valor Homes reserves the right to decline any customer with one or more eviction filings, excessive or consecutive eviction filings, or anyone who receives poor references from prior Landlords. 


By submitting this application, you authorize Valor Homes 100 LLC to do a credit and background check. There is no application fee however there is a $50 fee for the screening unless you qualify to rent from us. If you qualify, the fee is waived. If the screening is not performed, we do not charge you the $50. If you lie on your application and state you do not have any recent evictions, yet recent evictions appear on your background check, there is a $50.00 non-refundable fee unless you opt to pay the extra Security Deposits. Please read our Deposit Return Policy before filling out this application. If you change your mind before the initial 48 hours but a screening has been completed for you, you will get your money back minus $50 for the screening. We cannot and will not do a credit or background check until you have made a deposit to reserve a home. You will not receive final approval until all of the following steps are completed: 

  • Completed application is received and reviewed
  • Verification of Income is received and verified
  • Copies of all Drivers Licenses are received
  • Deposit to reserve home has been received and verified
  • Background and credit check have been performed and approved

*There may be multiple applications for one property. Some prospects may be further along in the application process than others. Complete applications will be processed on a first come first served basis.




Pre Approval Process

After clicking "submit" you will receive a confirmation email to let you know that your application has been submitted successfully. Please read the email for further instructions.

Fields marked with "*" are required in order to process the application.

Subject Property*
Application Date*
Desired Move In Date*
Name of other parties on the lease with you. If yes, they need to fill out a separate online app*
All parties on lease must be present at lease signing. Initial.*
How many people will be occupying the home?*
Applicant 1 First Name*
Applicant 1 Last Name*
Applicant 1 DOB*
Applicant 1 SSN*
Drivers License Number*
Cell Phone Number*
Home Phone Number*
Email Address*
Can we Email Statements and Notices? Yes or No*
Current Address*
Current City*
Current State*
Current Zip Code*
# of months in current residence.*
Current Rental Payment*
Current Landlord*
Landlord Phone Number*
Are you currently in a lease?*
Reason for leaving
Previous Address*
Previous City*
Previous State*
Previous Zip*
Current Employer*
Are you self-employed?*
Years at Current Employment*
Employer Address, City and State*
Work Phone Number*
Part Time or Full Time*
Position Held*
Company Website*
Monthly Gross Income*
Current Supervisor*
Do you receive Direct Deposit?*
Do you receive Food Stamps?*
Have you been Evicted?*
Has a Landlord ever filed for eviction against you?*
Month and year of prior Eviction Filings if applicable*
County of Prior Evictions Filings if applicable*
Are you currently in bankruptcy?*
Have you ever declared bankruptcy?*
Have you been convicted of a Felony in the last 10 years?*
If yes, explain
Name of person who referred you to Valor Homes*
I understand there is a $50 fee for lying about eviction*
Full background screening is not completed until a deposit is made on a house. Initial.*
Agree to Rental, Employment, Background, and Credit Check*